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IGATE's shares are listed on NASDAQ Stock Market's National Market under the symbol IGTE.


December 31.

IGATE typically releases earnings approximately 3 weeks after the quarter end. Please contact our Investor Relations department for the next earnings release.

You must contact a registered stockbroker; you cannot buy shares directly from IGATE.

IGATE went public under the name Mastech Corporation on December 17, 1996 at $15.00 per share. The IPO price adjusted for prior stock splits is $7.50 per share.

Under the name Mastech Corporation, the company completed an additional offering on November 25, 1997. A total of 3 million (6 million post-split) shares were priced at $30.50 ($15.25 post-split) per share.

A two-for-one stock split was declared on March 17, 1998.
Record date: March 27, 1998
Payment date: April 10, 1998

IGATE was incorporated in Pennsylvania on November 12, 1996 under the name of Mastech Corporation.


As December 31, 2012, IGATE had 57,543,303 shares issued and outstanding.

IGATE's transfer agent is Computershare Investor Services. Computershare maintains all shareholder records, including notice of any change in name, address or telephone number, cancellation or issuance with lost, stolen or destroyed certificates. Computershare is also responsible for issuing new certificates following a stock .

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